Steroids in Sports

Steroids In Baseball

Anabolic Steroids have been abused and used in sports for many years. Steroids in baseball are no exception. Athletes succumbed to the pressure from media and peers to perform their ultimate best consistently and as a result; they turn to performance enhancing drugs to improve their game and to have an edge over other rising stars.

Generally, people would scratch their head thinking, why would any baseball player use steroids? People would understand that if athletes in contact sport use steroids, but steroids in baseball?That is just weird. Little that they know, steroids can help a lot in baseball, actually in any sport. First of all, the use of steroids in any sport or competition is just plain wrong and unethical. But before we can appreciate that, lets understand and find out how do steroids in baseball help the players.

Steroids are a synthetic substance that is made from Testosterone. When a person takes steroids that person can develop muscles faster, build stronger muscles, sustain prolonged intense training sessions, and recover from training faster, more focused and also more aggressive. Aggressiveness plays a very important role in any sport. If that player has the aggression and determination of a tiger chasing after its prey, that player will be a star. But of course that is not his real self, it’s the steroids working.

With stronger muscles from the use of steroids, that particular baseball player can hit the ball much further. One home run can get four players back to home! If you keep on getting home runs, you would be the darling of the team and imagine the millions of endorsements that you will be getting! Not only that, steroids can also increase your endurance and speed. You can run from base to base at a much shorter time. That player can also chase after the ball after much faster and throw the ball to the other player at the base much faster too.

Thirdly, players on substances like Winstrol are much more focused. They have the eye of the tiger and their mind is in the zone. Nothing can steer away their concentration on the ball. With concentration, strength and speed combined, these players on steroids will steam roll over their competitors!

All of these are considered as cheating and unethical because they rob away other players that are not chemically enhanced. Steroids can kill and cause serious side effects. With that in mind, steroids in baseball should be banned and stopped immediately


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