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Steroids In Baseball

Anabolic Steroids have been abused and used in sports for many years. Steroids in baseball are no exception. Athletes succumbed to the pressure from media and peers to perform their ultimate best consistently and as a result; they turn to performance enhancing drugs to improve their game and to have an edge over other rising stars.

Generally, people would scratch their head thinking, why would any baseball player use steroids? People would understand that if athletes in contact sport use steroids, but steroids in baseball?That is just weird. Little that they know, steroids can help a lot in baseball, actually in any sport. First of all, the use of steroids in any sport or competition is just plain wrong and unethical. But before we can appreciate that, lets understand and find out how do steroids in baseball help the players.

Steroids are a synthetic substance that is made from Testosterone. When a person takes steroids that person can develop muscles faster, build stronger muscles, sustain prolonged intense training sessions, and recover from training faster, more focused and also more aggressive. Aggressiveness plays a very important role in any sport. If that player has the aggression and determination of a tiger chasing after its prey, that player will be a star. But of course that is not his real self, it’s the steroids working.

With stronger muscles from the use of steroids, that particular baseball player can hit the ball much further. One home run can get four players back to home! If you keep on getting home runs, you would be the darling of the team and imagine the millions of endorsements that you will be getting! Not only that, steroids can also increase your endurance and speed. You can run from base to base at a much shorter time. That player can also chase after the ball after much faster and throw the ball to the other player at the base much faster too.

Thirdly, players on substances like Winstrol are much more focused. They have the eye of the tiger and their mind is in the zone. Nothing can steer away their concentration on the ball. With concentration, strength and speed combined, these players on steroids will steam roll over their competitors!

All of these are considered as cheating and unethical because they rob away other players that are not chemically enhanced. Steroids can kill and cause serious side effects. With that in mind, steroids in baseball should be banned and stopped immediately

Steroids in Sports

Steroids in sports have been widely used especially in competitive sports like bodybuilding, baseball, track field and cycling. These are sports that require powerful muscle strength and stamina. Although anabolic steroids are the commonly used ones, there are also different forms of steroids that are used, which do not only increase muscle strength and recovery.

There are also steroids in sports that are used to reduce joint pain. Yep, believe or not, joint pain is one of the effects of over training. If you train for heavy and powerful movements vigorously, you are bound to experience joint pain due to the impact. Sports like basketball, football and tennis have tremendous impact on the knee joints, elbow joints and shoulder joints.

Taking steroids that can relieve these pain allows the athletes to continue training like crazy and not pain will disrupt their intense training. Steroids like Nandrolone Decanoate, which is also known as Deca Durabolin helps the joints by storing water in them. This reduces friction between the joins and relieves pain.

Steroids in sports like bodybuilding is definitely common especially with this substance called diuretic. Diuretic is initially used to treat patients with high blood pressure but is abused by athletes that want to drop a pound or two fast in order to enter a certain weight class.

When you use diuretics, your body will just flush out water from your system along with other vital minerals that is crucial in our body functions. In Sydney Olympics 2000, there are two Bulgarian weight lifters that are caught using diuretics in order to lose body weight and they were thrown out of the Sydney Olympics.

In body building competitions, bodybuilders use diuretics to lose water under the skin to look super ripped! Basically, under the skin, you have the fat layer and the water layer. Now with both the water and fat layer depleted, the skin would be really thin and the muscle definition would be really clear. This is of course considered as cheating because they did not really train and diet to achieve that sort of muscle tone.

Steroids in sports have caused many professional athletes to lose their credibility. Once caught, they are often banned in any professional competition. It is a very serious issue because not only it is cheating, it is also putting themselves in danger and also setting a very bad example for future athletes.

What Are Steroids?

What are steroids is a question that is sure to come across many people minds when they hear about it in the news. Generally, people know steroids as a substance that can just make you have big muscles and give you lots of acne. It is not so simple.

First of all, it does not automatically give you massive muscle if you just take it once a day. Secondly, the side effects do not just stop at the acne level, it has so much more side effects and some are so dangerous that it can even kill.

Steroids, which are also known as a performance enhancing drugs, are hormones. They are made from testosterone and they are synthetically made in labs. Steroids are stimulates the production of testosterone. With higher levels of testosterone in the body, the higher the nitrogen retention will be. Nitrogen retention is very important in promoting muscle growth. Anabolic steroids stimulate the biological process of creating new protein in the cells; this will lead to muscle growth and strength.

There are a couple of methods in using steroids. They are available in oral and inject able form. Many people think that it is safer to take oral steroids but it is not. This is because the liver will have to filter the toxin if taken orally. The best method to use steroids is to use inject able form where it gets straight into your blood stream.

Steroids are usually taken in cycles. You can’t just take steroids everyday and expect great results all the time. The cycles usually last from 8 to 12 weeks. The first few weeks you will be taking the juice then the remaining weeks is lay off time. This will prevent the body from getting used to the substance.

Positive Effects

Basically, when a person undergoes a cycle of the juice, they will experience fast muscle growth, fast gain in strength, fast recovery from intense workouts, relieve in joint pains, decrease in body fat in a very fast rate and also increase in stamina. These effects of course depend on the type of steroids being used.

Negative Side Effects

Taking steroids can have many side effects including toxicities of the liver, high cholesterol levels, development of breast in males, acne, increase in aggressiveness and high blood pressure to name a few.

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